HOAX! Viral Story of Girl Kicked Out of KFC Was NOT True!

The biggest story to hit First to Know and many other media outlets last week involved 3-year-old Victoria Wilcher. Supposedly the girl had been attacked by her family’s three pit bulls, leaving her facially scarred and traumatized. That situation was worsened on May 15 when the girl and family were asked to leave a KFC in Jackson, Miss., because her facial scars were too disturbing to other customers.

The public outrage from the incident spurred KFC to apologize and offer to pay Victoria’s medical bills. More than $100,000 in donations then came in to help the girl out.

Now the Laurel Leader-Call in Mississippi is calling the whole incident the “Kentucky Fried Hoax.”

While Victoria was attacked by the family’s dogs and this did cause her to become disfigured and lose her one eye, here are some facts that are now being brought to light:

–Victoria’s Victories Facebook page originally said the child and her grandmother were asked to leave a KFC that had actually been closed for years.This was later correct to say it happened at a KFC near the hospital where Victoria went for treatment.

–There is no footage of Victoria on the KFC security cameras on May 15th, nor on any from nearby locations.

–There were no orders at that KFC that day which included both sweet tea and mashed potatoes, which was supposedly what the family ordered.

This was all an attempt to raise money to pay for the bills. KFC hired an investigator to verify facts, but according to reports are still offering to pay some of the child’s medical bills. This does not include all the other donations that came in from a horrified public wanting to help, and doctors waiving their fees to help the child out.

So far there has been no statement from the family, or word on whether or not all the public donations will be taken back.