15-Year-Old ‘Hockey Groupie’ Allegedly Tried to Sleep with a Member of Every US Team

Two 19-year-old former junior hockey players were put on trial for creating and sending a video of them having sex with a 15-year-old girl, but the trial has taken a bizarre turn after attorneys argued that the underage girl is actually the predator in this case.

The girl, whose name has not been released to the media, was allegedly on a quest to have sex with a member from every team in the U.S. Hockey League, in an attempt to outdo another woman from Waterloo, Iowa known as “The Legend” among hockey groupies.

Attorneys for the accused men, Thomas Ryan Carey of Moorhead and Brandon Nicholas Smith of Castaic, Calif., moved for the case to be dismissed in Clay County District Court, saying the girl asked the two men to shoot a video of their sexual encounter. The incident occurred in Moorhead last February, where the men, who played for the Lincoln Stars, were playing a game against the Fargo Force junior hockey team.

The girl reportedly called herself a sexual slur for a hockey groupie, and sent them nude photos of herself via Snapchat to seduce them. Once the players were charged, they began sending the girl’s nude photos and videos on their phones to their ex-teammates and other students at the girl’s school. She asked them to send her the images, but when they refused, she offered to drop the charges against them if they sent her a jersey signed by every member of their former hockey team.

Defense investigator Chuck Anderson also said the girl admitted in a private text message that she had lied under oath about not knowing the men were shooting a video of her.

The text message, submitted with the affidavit, reads, “The truth is I knew the pictures and videos were being taken. But I was led to believe it was on Snapchat. I didn’t know they had saved them until the morning after I texted them both often trying to get them to stop sending it around.”

The message also said that the girl had been harassed by two female peers about the video, which led her to speak with authorities to stop the harassment.

Despite the defense’s attempts, the case has yet to be dismissed, and attorneys for the prosecution and defense have been exchanging barbs in the media since. Read more at Inforum.