Holiday Gift Guide: 13 Woof-tastic Dog Calendars for 2013

We’ve officially hit holiday shopping season and time is ticking to find your friends, family, and co-workers the perfect gift this holiday season. For a dog lover, there’s no better gift than a dog-themed calendar, and we found 13 of them to choose from for the big 2013.

Whether you want to make someone laugh, cry, (cry and laugh!), or just be thankful they don’t own a dog, check out the picks below to find the perfect match!

Brussels Griffon Smiles

A dog that smiles? These lap-worthy dogs do! Sold exclusively through the Griffontastic™ cafepress shop, this calendar features rescue Brussels Griffon’s and all proceeds from the calendar go to the Brussels Griffon Rescue Store.

Underwater Dogs

Renowned photographer Seth Casteel has a remarkable gift for capturing images underwater. He grabbed dog lovers hearts by photographing these remarkable pets retrieving balls thrown into the water.

Yoga Dogs

If you love yoga and you love dogs, this calendar is for you! Featuring hilarious images of dogs in well-known yoga poses, you’ll never hear the phrase “downward dog” again without picturing this calendar!

12 Uses for a Golden Retriever

Man’s best friend is most well-known in the form of the loyal and steadfast Golden Retriever. Who knew they had so many talents? For each month, you’ll find out all the secret tricks these dogs can do, from skate boarding to swimming!

12 Uses for a Labrador Retriever

Labs are helpful and full of hidden talents. Need help with the dishes? How about a dependable alarm system? Bonus months for the end of 2012 are included so you can start enjoying this calendar now!

Basset Hound Puppies

Puppies are cute. But, Basset Hound puppies? There’s really no comparison. With their woeful brown eyes and silky droopy ears, you can’t help but root for this endearing underdog! A calendar sure to melt anyone’s heart.


The Chihuahuas are the most under-estimated breed there is. Cute, docile, and perfect for plopping in your handbag Paris Hilton style, right? Wrong! These miniature pups pack a wallop of personality into those little bodies! Prepare to be won over.

Dog Cartoon-a-Day

If you prefer content over imagery, this dog cartoon-a-day calendar will have you in stitches from laughter. Featuring a variety of dog personalities (sweet to stubborn, rambunctious to calm) you’ll understand the bond between canine and human more and more as each month passes.

Pug Mugs

The cute under-bite, the punched in nose, the snorting… who can resist a Pug? There’s another side to this cute and compact little canine though. Who knew they were bad to the bone? Each month features a Pug rap sheet involving such crimes as petty theft, bribery fraud, and vandalism.


Don’t have a favorite type but just enjoy the breed in general? You’ll flip for the dog-a-day calendar, featuring every type of dog in all their playful glory. Photographs are in color and black and white, capturing priceless acts like a Golden Retriever carrying a slipper or a Doxy playing chess.


This calendar is based on the best-selling book Dogs, by the incredibly talented photographer Tim Flach. It features 25 portraits of shelter dogs who have been rescued, plus dogs from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Dogs come in every size, shape, color and personality, as you’ll find in this breath-taking calendar.

Awkward Family Pets

You’ll shake your head in cringe-worthy disbelief at these awkward family pet portraits with humans sporting matching mullets to their dog or dressing dogs in matching outfits with their kids. Family bonding or blackmail material for the future? You decide.

Bad Dogs

Hundreds of canines reveal what you can expect from an untrained pup. Taken from the best-selling book Bad Dog, you’ll get an eagle-eye view of the stinky, the slobbery, the dirty, and the grumpy. What you won’t see here is cute. If you’re looking for cute, pick one of the calendars above!

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