Homeless Boy Seen Using Light Outside McDonald’s Restaurant to Do Homework

Some kids dislike school so much that they refuse to attend, but nothing is going to get in the way of this kid’s education.

The photo above went viral incredibly quickly in the summer of 2015, and with good reason. It has inspired people, especially students, all over the world.

When medical student JoyceTorrefranca noticed a homeless boy doing his homework using the light from a nearby McDonald’s window, she couldn’t help but capture the moment and share it with her friends on Facebook. When we originally posted the story, it had been shared thousands of times.
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Since then, it’s been shared almost 10,000 times, with people commenting on how they should probably stop taking certain things in life for granted. Check out the current embed from Joyce’s Facebook page.

Who is the homeless boy? He’s named Daniel Cabrera, lost his father when his family’s home burnt down. Daniel can often be seen panhandling on the side of the rode in Manila, Philippines, with his mother in order to survive.

But despite his despite his circumstances, Daniel is determined to excel in school.

According to one of his teachers, Daniel is a “happy child” and “is also intelligent and actually answers during class discussion, he really participates.