You’ll Never Guess What Happens When This Woman Befriends a Homeless Poet

When we raise our level of compassion and awareness, anything is possible.

Thanks to a young woman, Shalla Monteiro, one homeless man in São Paulo, Brazil, was able to make his dreams come true.

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was a familiar face in the streets of São Paulo. Every day for 35 years, people would see him not only living in filth, but also jotting down thoughts into his notebooks.

It wasn’t until Monteiro approached him in 2011 that these writings were made public.

In an effort to assist Sobrinho with his dream of publishing a book, the compassionate woman created a Facebook page for him, where she would post his poetry for the world to read.

But no one could have predicted what would happen next, not even Monteiro.

It’s something that changed his life, and his circumstances, forever.

Watch the full video above.