‘Homeless Selfies’ Is the Latest Horrible Trend to Take Over Social Media

The “selfie” seems on the surface like a pretty harmless and entertaining trend— we’ve watched with amusement as the social media savvy youth have perfected the duck face and expressed their #nomakeup solidarity.

Selfies immediately stop being entertaining, however, when they are is used to openly degrade and mock those who are less fortunate in life.

Instead of showing compassion to those in need, the tasteless trend of “homeless selfies” has been spotted making the rounds on Twitter and Instagram. It’s pretty disgusting, and a shocking way to treat those who have already fallen on hard times.

As the title suggests, it pretty much consists of teens posing with homeless people on the streets. In a typical picture, the homeless person is asleep or otherwise unable to consent to a picture.  The kids pose with big grins and thumbs up and an insensitive caption. One photo reads “Shirtless homeless bum selfie,” and another “Selfie with a sleeping, homeless man at tbell!”

It’s become such a rampant problem that a page called “Selfies with Homeless People” was recently started on Tumblr.

The page was compiled by New York-based writer Jason Feifer, to call attention to the disturbing social media trend. Feifer’s page asks those outraged by the trend to take action and donate to organizations that battle hunger and homelessness.