Homemade Molotov Cocktail Thrown Inside Middle School [WATCH VIDEO]

Here’s a frightening story that just unfolded at Herschel Jones Middle School in Dallas: two homemade Molotov cocktails were thrown at the school’s media center.

The Molotov cocktails were created from beer bottles filled with gasoline, and a green towel that was supposed to act like a wick. At approximately 5:00am, the first one was thrown at the media center’s door, but the second one could have been much more dangerous. Police say that someone tossed a brick through the building window, then threw the lit bottle inside. As luck would have it, the bottle seems to have hit a jacket, which stopped it from crashing to the floor and setting the room aflame.

And, though it happened too early for any students to be on campus and get hurt, police are still taking the incident very seriously.

“(We’re) not going to tolerate it at all,” said Sgt. William Gorman. “We’re doing everything we possibly can to find whoever done this and take them before the judge.”

The bottles are currently being processed for prints and any possible DNA evidence that may be around the mouth of the bottle. They are also checking the edges of the bottle because it was most likely handled prior to being thrown inside the building. There is also security footage, though at the moment there is no apparant suspect.

Watch the video above for the full report.