Homeowner Gets Robbed While Distracted by Naked Woman

You know that saying “sex sells?” Well it can also get you robbed.
A woman used her sex appeal to victimize a Tennessee man and robbed him blind in one of the strangest criminal acts we’ve heard of in a while.
Stephen Amaral was approached by a man and woman at his house and asked if the woman could skinny dip in the pool. Amaral obliged – first mistake. Shortly after the man said he was leaving to get cigarettes, and Amaral remained by the pool to watch the woman – second mistake.
According to ABC News Blog, someone took nearly $1,000 worth of jewelry, cash, a handgun and prescription drugs from the house while the woman swam naked in front of the distracted homeowner.
After she was done swimming, Amaral escorted her out and by the time he returned to his house and noticed it had been robbed, the woman had already left.
“They cleared me out and I just feel violated,” the 54-year-old said.
The police have eliminated suspects but have not yet found the alleged burglars and the investigation is ongoing.
“We’ve seen numerous distraction methods – asking for help looking for a dog, asking for help with gas for a stranded car and then people come back and find their home was burglarized,” Crossville Police Department Det. J.C. Hancock said. “They just took it a new level using a naked woman.”
You can say that again.
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