Homeowner Shoots and Kills Home Invaders After Repeated Warnings

A homeowner in Southeast Memphis, Tennessee fatally shot two young men after they and an accomplice broke into his home Saturday morning.

According to reports, at least two of the three were armed. The homeowner, whose identity has not been released yet, gave them verbal warnings to stop coming toward him. They refused, and he shot his gun several times, killing two of them — 18-year-old Jordan Mitchell and 20-year-old Melvin Atkins. The third invader escaped and police are searching for him.

Residents say this is a rough neighborhood, with multiple homes and cars having been broken into in recent months, and so far no one has faulted the homeowner for his actions. One neighbor — who wanted to remain nameless for fear of reprisal — stated:

Anybody with common sense, if you walk in your house and there’s two peoples in there ain’t got on business in there, got guns, you’d do the same thing he did.

Adding to the incident, is the fact that this is not the first time this particular homeowner has been targeted.

“This is the second time it happened to him, cause the last time not long ago, maybe like a year ago, I hear he came back from work and somebody followed him and beat him up and they took his truck and run away,” said Antonio Ventura, a father of two who is worried that his home may be targeted next.

No charges have been filed against the homeowner at this time.