Homesick Man Destroys Merchandise in Apple Store in Effort to Get Deported

A man desperate to return to his home country smashed three iPads in his attempt to get himself deported, The Daily Express reports. Hieu Trung Nguyen, 26, deliberately caused the damage at an Apple store in Bristol.

Prosecutor Jane Cooper said that Nguyen used a red brick to destroy the iPads. She described in court how he lifted the brick above his shoulders, then smashed the screen of the first display model. He repeated this with two more iPads before he was stopped by security. The security guards apprehended him in the store, and he was quickly handed over to police and arrested.

The incident was brought about from Nguyen’s extreme homesickness, according to his lawyer Richard Nile. Nguyen arrived in the UK four-and-a-half years ago, but has struggled with stress, anxiety, and depression. Nile confirmed that the act was committed intentionally, in a desperate bid to get arrested so that he would be deported to Vietnam.

According to Nile, Nguyen has battled suicidal thoughts for several months, in part from his homesickness. He was sentenced with a six-month conditional discharge, and UK Border Control is arranging for his return to Vietnam.

The damage to the iPad2s is estimated to be around $615 each, but the official cost of the damages is not released.