Honda Recalls 748,000 Vehicles for Faulty Airbag Covers

Do you own a 2009-2013 Pilot or a 2011-2013 Odyssey? Honda warns your airbag may not deploy properly if you get in an accident.

No injuries or crashes have been reported, but a sharp-eyed Honda employee noticed a missing rivet to a driver’s side airbag cover when working on the factory floor.

Honda spokesman Chris Martin says the rivets are intended to hold the airbag’s plastic cover in place, and any missing could cause the airbags “not deploy properly.” Without the plastic cover in place, the airbag could loosen and strike the driver or other passengers in the face at any time.

Owners of roughly 472,690 Pilot SUV’s and 276,153 Odyssey minivans will be contacted by mail next month about having their airbag module replaced free of charge if there are any missing rivets found.

The new airbags need to be ordered individually and replacement could take up to two days.

If “Honda Recall” sounds familiar to you, that’s because this is the second largest recall in a month. Last December, a faulty ignition lock caused many Odyssey and Pilot models to roll away and injure their drivers.

Owners can visit or call Honda at 1-800-999-1009 to learn more about this latest recall.