You Wouldn’t Believe What This Guy Can Do with Some Hoops and a Blindfold

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but hoops are sort of a big deal right now. From your 7-year-old neighbor to world famous performance artists, hoops are everywhere and people are really into them.

So it goes without saying we’ve seen some pretty talented folks show off impressive skills either on, in or with the rings. The video above however, might be one of the best we’ve seen yet.

Lindzee Poi from Angers, France not only pulls off one of the most mesmerizing, mind-blowing hoop illusions we’ve ever witnessed, he also does it completely blindfolded! That’s right, the contact juggler has incredible speed, control and precision as he barrels, rolls, and balances the rings for an edge-of-your-seat three minutes of exciting entertainment.

Check out Poi’s incredible hoop tricks in the video above.