Hope Solo Weds Jerramy Stevens After Assault Charge

Giving new meaning to the phrase “following through on a commitment,” pro soccer player Hope Solo married her boyfriend, former Seahawks tight end, Jerramy Stevens. What’s so strange about that? Well, Stevens had just been arrested on suspicion of assault—on her.

The drama started early this week when Stevens was arrested for fourth-degree domestic violence assault. He wasn’t charged and the police released him. The next night, Solo and Stevens were married.

We’re not sure what transpired between Monday and Tuesday, but making the ultimate commitment doesn’t sound like the smartest idea to us, especially since the case involving Stevens is still under investigation and charges can still be filed.

And, talk about rushing into things—the unlikely pair only dated for two months before applying for a marriage license just last week.

Sports radio 950 AM and 102.9 FM radio host Dave Mahler, and Solo’s teammate Jillian Loyden confirmed news of the marriage. Although Loyden seemed happy for her friend and teammate tweeting “Happy to witness such an amazing celebration of real love #selflesslove #fewandfarbetween,” not everyone thinks she made a wise decision. Many Twitter users are taking her to task for being a poor role model to her young fans.

“Hope Solo just shows again professional athletes aren’t role models. #respectyourself,” tweeted one user.

Another added, “It’s sad that anybody married Jerramy Stevens, much less someone who has as much influence with young women as Hope Solo does.”

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