Babysitter from Hell Arrested for Forcing Baby to Eat Her Own Poop

This story is nauseatingly disgusting.

Last week in Arizona, a father allowed his girlfriend, Nicole Candelaria, 27, to give his children a bath, but he probably never expected such horrors to take place. 

When his three-year-old girl accidentally pooped in the bathtub, Candelaria became so upset that she forced her to eat it. 

The woman’s arrest came after the little girl went back home to her mother’s house and explained what had happened. She also said that this horrible babysitter roughly handled her while putting soap in her mouth — her two siblings, ages three and five, were able to confirm her story.

After being examined at a hospital, doctors discovered the girl had bruises on her back, chest and legs.

According to Candelaria, the injuries were sustained while the two were play-fighting.

Candelaria is currently being held in a Tempe girl and has been charged with one count of domestic child abuse.