Ad Agency Creates Horrifying Photos of Kids with Mouths for Eyes

In an effort to remind parents to monitor what their kids are viewing on the Internet, German ad agency Publicis Frankfurt created a couple of horrifying ads for the non-profit Innocence in Danger.

And when we say horrifying, we mean it.

The ads show kids whose eyes have been replaced with screaming mouths. “Do you know what your kids are watching on the Internet right now?” is the campaign’s tagline.

Innocence in Danger‘s main goal is to end sexual exploitation of children on the Internet.

Did you know that the most popular search terms for kids include “porn” and “sex”?

“The idea is to be truly shocking for a second and for parents to realize it just takes one second, one wrong click and children encounter online images that are truly horrifying to them,” Julia von Weiler, director of Innocence in Danger’s Germany chapter, told ABC News. “And we know that children hardly ever talk about it. There was a study done in Germany that tells us only 8 percent of children who encounter disturbing moments online do talk about it.”

Despite the campaign going viral, the non-profit decided against leaving the posters around Germany — probably because such images would also be inappropriate for children to see. Honestly, we may even have nightmares after looking at them.

Instead, the posters are shared during teacher-parent meeting about Internet safety.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing the fact that there’s a poster in a bus station where school kids are,” Weiler explained.