Hospital Reunites Couple Married 68 Years


Recently, this adorable couple ended up in the hospital at the same time. Unfortunately, the hospital didn’t have a room for two to keep them together. Both Tom and Arnisteen were devastated at the idea of being apart, something they rarely did in their 68 years of marriage.

Tom, who is 96 years old and a Korean war veteran, was admitted just days before his wife, 92, on the orthopedic floor of the Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Fayetteville, Georgia. This particular section of the hospital doesn’t have double-occupancy rooms.

To keep both of their spirits up, however, staff took it upon themselves to make sure the couple could spend as much time together as possible. With some special permission, Tom was able to spend a few hours every day with the love of his life.

“I just can’t be away from her, she’s the finest woman in the world,” Tom told the hospital. 

old couple

Since these adorable photos were taken, both Tom and Arnisteen have been moved to a rehabilitation facility where they can room together again. They are both doing well and are happy to be reunited.