Hot Girls, Bikes & Car Calendars for 2013

We hit the beefcake, then the pupcake, now it’s time to dish up some cheesecake.

That’s right, calendars for 2013 that feature women. Admittedly, wall calendars seem slightly outdated. But here’s why we think they’re totally awesome and why you should get one (or more) for the coming year.

  • There is a distinct retro-hotness of having a sexy lady’s picture pinned on your wall, staring back at you every day of every month during the year.
  • They take you back to the days of visiting a barber or mechanic with your dad and seeing those insane photos of women in string bikinis posed on the hood of a Lamborghini or other sports car.
  • They’re as hilarious as they are sexy.

So with that theme in mind, we not only found some crazy calendars, but one surprisingly artistic one and a couple behind-the-scenes videos. Check them out.

Iron & Lace 2013 Custom Motorcycle and Centerfold Model Calendar

Bikes and babes make a great combo, and here you’ve got top custom motorcycles featuring the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show’s Calendar Bike Building Championship winners. There are some other trick bikes and custom creations, but our favorite part? This description: “The beautiful centerfolds and supermodels include Shannon Baucom, Camilla Chiniquy, Bree Daniels, Pepper, Taylor Gunnin, Sara Balint and Dana Mints in revealing lingerie!”

Guys, you had us at “supermodel”!

Garage Girls 2013 Pin-Up Model Calendar

Think there’s too much bike getting in your way? Grab the Garage Girls 2013 Pin-Up Model Calendar, which has most of the same ladies as the one above, but without that pesky hunk of metal taking up space. Vroom, vroom, daddy-o!

AmericanMuscle 2013 Calendar

This calendar, pictured at the top of this post, features some of the hottest AM girls ever, while also highlighting some of the baddest performance Mustangs to have rolled through AmericanMuscle’s doors. Making this one even sweeter, AmericanMuscle made a behind-the-scenes video for your enjoyment. We placed it above. You’re welcome.

Girls and Cars 2013 Wall Calendar and Hot Bikes 2013 Wall Calendar

We found these two on They’re spiral bound and 12 x 18 estimated size in inches. That’s all the info they give, but they sure look photoshopped. We think they could be pictures of random models photoshopped into stock images of bikes or cars. Super cheese, but too ridiculous not to include.

Fast Dates 2013 World Superbike & MotoGP Swimsuit Model Calendar

This one is officially endorsed by SBK World Superbike Championship. Jim Gianatsis photographed it while on location at the Miller Motorsports USA World Superbike race, and it features some amazing mecha if you’re into bikes. But what you guys care about most are then SBK Calendar Kittens, including Taylor Gunnin, Camilla Chiniquy, and the Monster Girls. There’s also teen starlet Pepper getting all crazy with a red hot retro Vespa scooter, supermodel Shannon Baucom (here she comes again) with World MotoGP World Champion Casey Stoner’s Honda RC211, and Valentino Rossi s Ducati GP11 bikes. As the description says, “The world’s fastest road racing motorcycles with beautiful umbrella girls in revealing swimwear – what more could you want!”

Nothing. Absolutely nothing!

Pirelli 2013 Calendar

One look at the above picture and you know we’re talking about something completely different here. This calendar is from Pirelli, the Italian tire company, so it fits out theme. But unlike our other selections in this post, this calendar is really a work of art. With supermodels, even.

The Pirelli calendar is famous for its limited availability. It’s shot by a celebrated photographer and only handed out to important Pirelli customers and celebrity VIPs. This year, award-winning photographer Steve McCurry  (of the Afghan Girl photograph fame) shot the images in Rio de Janeiro. Watch a short “making of” video below (there are longer versions available elsewhere online) and then view all of McCurry’s amazing photos on Facebook:

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