WATCH: How Adults React when Asked to Sit in a Hot Car for 10 Minutes

Kars4Kids is raising awareness for children being left in hot cars all over the world. They created the “Hot Kar Challenge.” In the beginning of the video, it states, “Each week, at least one child dies from heatstroke after being left alone in a car.”

With this in mind, Kars4Kids decided to challenge adults to sit in a hot car to show them how it feels. They even put in an incentive of $100 if they could last a full ten minutes inside, If they could not bear the heat, there was an emergency button that would immediately end the challenge.

Although most of the contestants started off comfortable, they quickly started to feel the heat and it drove them insane.

None of the adults could beat the heat and all begged to be taken out of the car before their ten minutes were up. Once out of the car, they were welcomed with a glass of cold water and asked their experience.

One of the contestants, a women, spoke about how horrible it would be for a child in a hot car. “I could press the button,” she said. “They couldn’t press the button. They’d just be sitting there, desperate.”

This video is meant to bring awareness to forgetful or careless parents saying, bearing the message: “Forgetting once is regretting forever.”