Hot Celebrity Moms You Won’t Believe Are Over 40

For women in 2014, one thing is very clear — 40 is the new and very fertile 28. These lovely ladies hold it together in a major way. Keeping  their figures tight, kids in check, careers progressing, and all while stepping waaayyy over the legal age limit.

What’s interesting about this situation is that, amid a recession, the birth rate in the United States has been falling — but not for all women.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 2007-2010, U.S. birth rates declined about 16 percent among women ages 15 to 24 and four percent for women 25 to 29. However, for women between 40 to 44, rates rose more than 6 percent during this same  time. This can likely be attributed to women having more established careers and feeling more financially secure when it comes to having and raising children. And we do understand that the hotties listed below are celebs and women of means — which certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to keeping your bod in tip-top shape.

But whatever the reasoning and however they do it, we don’t care. We’re loving that these women are out there, in the upper echelons of the big 4-0, and still keeping everything looking as good as they do. Check out the slide show above of hot celebrity moms to get photo proof that these women deserve placement on our list.

1. Marcia Cross-Hot Ginger

2. Susan Saranden-Still hot since The Rocky Horror Picture Show

3. Salma Hayek-Hottest rich-man radar

4. Halle Berry-Hot from playing a Bond girl to a mother who lost her son, to being married to a model, and then a French actor

5. Meryl Streep-Hot in every accent

6. Sophia Vergara- Hottest Modern Family mom

7. Julianne Moore-So cold, she’s hot

8. Elizabeth Hurley-Hottest when she was still with Hugh Grant

9. Gwyneth Paltrow-Don’t hate her because People Mag voted her the World’s Most Beautiful Woman

10. Catherine Zeta-Jones-One hot hoofer.

11. Vanessa Williams-Hot for rising above and beyond her title as the first African-American crowned Miss America

12. Nia Long-Smoking hot on one of the hottest shows on TV–House of Lies, starring super-hot actor Don Cheadle

Photos: Getty Images

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