Hot, New Exercise Trends: Find Your Match

Editor’s Note: The video above highlights some different new exercise trends for 2015, while our reporter covered some others below. Check them all out to find what works for you.

Working out and staying fit seems to be the goal of most people these days, but the problem is sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Whether you lack the proper motivation, energy, correct routine or simply the will or time to actually workout, we found some hot new exercise trends that can keep you going.

Hot Hula
Imagine breaking a sweat, burning calories and learning new dance moves all in the same workout. Hot Hula incorporates different dance moves to all kinds of music, while still building strength in your arms, abs, glutes, and quads. Hot Hula is the perfect workout for those of you who want to shake your hips and shake off some fat at the same time.

“I always leave Hot Hula with a huge smile on my face because of the atmosphere in the studio and the community! After taking this class I became more inclined to roll my hips and move them whenever music comes on,” Hot hula student from Oregon, Krista Hangesh said.

PiYo Strength
PiYo Strength is the unique combination workout of Pilates and Yoga in one class that includes both your mind and body. The class relaxes you, provides you with balance training, increases your flexibility, and strengthens your muscles as well because it incorporates different yoga positions and Pilate’s steps. This is just right for those of you who want a fast-paced class that still lets you relax as well.

“As a trainer at Los Angeles Fitness, this is my favorite class to take because it combines a variety of workouts including Pilates, Yoga and muscle strengthening which leaves me feeling refreshed and satisfied,” Sharon Bakshi from Irvine, California said.

Belly dancing
Plenty of women want to shake their hips like Shakira, which is why belly dancing is a wonderful workout. You learn different steps such as figure eights, drops, circles and shimmies while dancing to mostly Middle Eastern music. It is not only exotic, but it is the perfect opportunity to do something stimulating with your girls.

“Exploring belly dancing brings me a new perspective to moving my body and helped me loosen up my hips, which is refreshing from just running or biking,” Yassi Sabahi from Berkeley, CA said.

Spin Class
It may not be new, but this is the ultimate workout for those of you who want to pedal away your problems all while burning a ton of fat. The class is proven to reduce stress, lower your cholesterol, strengthen your heart and lungs, strengthen your leg muscles and of course burn calories.

“I do spin classes about two times a week, and I noticed a significant difference in the way I feel on a regular basis. It is an enjoyable, yet challenging cardio workout,” Jesu Philip from Philadelphia, PA said.