Hot Summer Fashion Trends

Summer calls for a change in weather, style, and attitude. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can get overwhelming, so we have compiled all you need to know to look effortlessly chic this season.

Color Blocking
Picking the right colors can get tricky.  Save yourself a headache by “color blocking,” or placing complementary  colors together and letting them flow. Be strategic from head to toe.

Mixing and Matching Patterns
A hot trend is mixing and matching completely different patterns. Luckily, there are numerous patterns to choose from including floral, plaid, stripes, and even polka dots. Let  your inner fashionista go wild as you discover exciting pattern combos.

Pastel Shades
Subtle sophistication is the way to go this season. Trade dark colors in for pastels — whether you select  lime green or warm yellow, these soft and romantic colors leave a lasting impression.

Bright Colored Handbags
Every woman has to learn how to accessorize at some point, but it is important to know exactly what works to avoid a fashion disaster. For example, add a bright handbag for a little zest when wearing darker colors.

Although ruffles have been associated with the 80’s, this summer is expected to become ruffles mania. Expect to see them on skirts, dresses, and blouses — adding the perfect amount of volume and lots of flair.