Hotel Does Viral Campaign to Reconnect Lost Monkey with Child

A hotel in Ireland really wants a lost little stuffed toy to find its rightful owner. So much so that they have launched a social media campaign dedicated to the purpose of reuniting the bright orange and yellow monkey with the family who left it behind.

Staff at the Kilronan Castle hotel found the little monkey, that they’ve named Oscar, in a laundry hamper.

Their course of action? Posting pictures of Oscar living a life of pampered luxury. The Kilronan Castle’s Facebook page now features a photographic journey of Oscar living the good life and utilizing the hotel’s many amenities.

Oscar appears to be enjoying a nap in a lavish four-posted canopy bed in one picture, and afternoon tea cakes in another.

From the looks of it, he also got in some spa time, and enjoyed relaxing outdoors on the hotel grounds.

While staff hopes to reunite Oscar with his family, maybe Oscar is enjoying himself too much to want to go home!

Check out the slideshow above to see what else Oscar has been up to. Hopefully, the Kilronan will continue to keep us updated on his grand adventures.