Let It Flow: Hotel Launches ‘Crying Rooms’ for Women

Do you ever find yourself needing a good cry but your significant other or a roommate prevents you from just letting the tears flow? Apparently, in Japan women are in such need of a secluded space to let it all out that a hotel has seized the opportunity to cash in on their tears.

The Mitsui Garden Hotel in Japan is now offering a promotion for women until August. Ladies can now cry their eyes out in privacy and with all the comforts necessary for a good bawl. This is supposed to be very healing emotionally.

In total, there are 12 special spaces in the hotel designed for sobbing “because Japanese ladies in their 20’s-40’s are often said to live a life of stress,” a spokesman said.

The cost of renting a crying room is $85 a night (10,000 Japanese Yen) per person. The cost includes soft tissues, a dozen tear-jerker movies (six of which are available in English and include Forrest Gump, The Intouchables, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Notebook, One Day and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape), makeup remover, and a warm eye mask to prevent puffiness and redness.

There’s no word on any special rooms for emotional males. I guess a real man doesn’t need a crying room!?