12 Hottest Hatchbacks in History

Hatchbacks have become the hot ticket throughout the U.S. in recent years. Americans are increasingly waking up to their value where gas mileage, usability, and practicality are concerned.

To celebrate their relevance and charm, Boldride.com has named 12 best looking hatchbacks in history. We think their list fabulous and are sharing their picks:

12. AMC Gremlin
In the ’70s, the Gremlin was a revolutionary design. Its direct competitors were the Pinto and Vega. For the time it was considered a bold design and was the fastest subcompact in the industry.

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11. Toyota AE86
This Japanese designed hatchback was a hot ticket in 1983. The car was a part of the fifth generation Toyota Corolla lineup.


10. Hyundai Veloster Turbo
Introduce in 2011, the Veloster Turbo offers a 1.6 turbocharged engine and 201 horsepower. The futuristic hatchback is a definite head-turner.


In May of 1962, the MGB took the world by storm. The four-cylinder roadster is still highly sought after by collectors.


8. Volkswagen Beetle
This puppy is without a doubt one of the world’s favorite hatchbacks ever made. Boldride.com notes that the original VW Beetle wasn’t a true hatchback, but the vehicle is considered by many as the blueprint for modern hatchbacks.


7. Citroen DS3 Racing
Designed by French automaker Citroen, the DS3 is a speedy vehicle that premiered at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The racy vehicle comes equipped with grey or orange racing stripes.


6. Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro
This all-wheel-drive, 500 horsepower revelation is a favorite for those seeking an automobile that rides like the wind.


5. Fiat 500 Nuovo
The original 1957 Fiat Nuovo is a timeless classic, with its old-school headlights and brilliant grill. Its design is the inspiration for Fiats recent hits — the 500c Pop and 500c Lounge.


4. Volkswagen GTI MK1
The GTI MK1 is the inspiration behind the Volkswagen Golf and GTI. In fact, Boldride.com asserts the car is “one of the most highly-praised cars on the planet.”


3. Volvo C30 Polestar
According to Boldride.com, “The C30 Polestar was Volvo’s middle finger to haters of the world.” Not only is the car good looking, it pushes the limits of Volvo’s straight-laced personality. Plus, the hatchback is all-wheel-drive and includes a full-suede dash.


2. Vauxhall/Opel Astra VXR
Boldride.com conssiders the Astra VXR “one of the most underrated hot hatches” in recent history. The cars lines are beautiful, wheels handsome, and rear-end like no other car in the industry.


1. Lancia Delta HF Integrale
“This is the best hatchback ever made, bar none,” says Jeff Perez of Boldride.com. The car won European Car of the Year in 1980, featuring stunning lines and offering the highest of performance for a cars in its category.


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