10 Hottest Reads of 2014

As we reflect on 2014, we are amazed at how quickly the year has flown. Each and every day we cover all sorts of crazy, fascinating, and sometimes downright hilarious stories and topics.

The following are our readers’ favorite reads, which we have designated the absolute “Hottest Reads of 2014:”

1. Top 15 Names of Crazy Women

top 15 names of crazy women

2.The ‘North Pond Hermit’: the Man That Lived Without Human Contact for 28 Years

north pond hermit nl 2

3.The Real-Life ‘American Horror Story:’ The Life and Afterlife of a Socialite Serial Killer

socialite killer nl

4.Twenty Unforgettable Vintage Photos of Real Circus Freaks

real circus freaks nl

5. Nineteen Things That Probably Only Happen in Dubai

only in dubui nl 3

6. Thirty Creepy Mugshots That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

7. This Swimming Hole in Texas Has a Mysterious and Dangerous Secret

8. WATCH: Dad Beats Toddler 30 Times & You’ll Love Him for It

9. Meet the Husband and Wife Who Look Like Identical Twins

10. Guy Experiences Non-Stop Tickling in His Ear — You’ll be Shocked to See What Doctors Pulled Out