Hottest Wedding Trends 2015

Engagement season is traditionally between Christmas and the end of February, and while these couples won’t necessarily be getting married this year (unless there’s, you know, a reason to rush), the brides are definitely looking out for the hottest wedding trends.

For help in the matter, we turned to Cynthia Pesce, an event planner and general manager at the award-winning Inn at New Hyde Park in Long Island, New York. She offered us this list to start you out for planning that special day.

Hottest Wedding Trends 2015

1. Late-night Dining
This is a trend that started to gain traction in 2014. In 2015, we think a much larger portion of weddings will feature mid-evening or post-reception snacks. After a night of dancing and cocktails, what better than a few comfort or mini foods before your guests head home? A few examples include: sliders, bacon items, assortments of grilled cheeses and more. Also look for infused alcohol in desserts. YUM! (Image: Kalamazoo Gourmet)


2. Earth and Air Tones Color Schemes
Look for more browns, tans, warm grays, and greens as weddings will have more of an earthy feel to them. Many earth tones originate from clay earth pigments, such as umber, ochre, and sienna. (Image: Get Married in Italy)Wedding-trends-earth-tones-italy

3. Rustic Will Still Be Popular
Look for more greenery garden-like floral arrangements as brides and grooms focus on a natural, clean appeal. (Image: How’d Ja Do That?)


4. Simple Floral Centerpieces
The floral centerpieces will be simpler, less structured, and you can say goodbye to lush colors. We will also see less florals that are in the shape of a ball, as the flowers will be staged together more naturally. (Image: Wedding Ideas)


5. Wedding Dress
Like any fashion industry, each year sees new styles or brings back old favorites. In 2015, brides are looking at more peekaboo lace, dresses with capped sleeves, and ruffled textured dresses. (Image1 and Image 2: It’s a Bride’s Life)

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