Guy Gives Homeless Man $100 Then Follows Him – What He Sees Will Absolutely Shock You

We all have those stereotypical views of people, many automatically assume that those who are homeless are there because they spent all their money on drugs or alcohol. However, one man decided to put that cliché to the test.

Josh Paler Lin is a viral YouTuber who plays various pranks on people. While many of his videos receive way over a million views the one above hit close to 41 million! How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100? shows Josh walk up to a homeless man holding up a sign on the side of a street and give him $100 cash. As you can see the man is very thankful, but then Josh puts him to the test by following him to see how he spends the money.

Josh thinks he is confirming the stereotypical view of homeless people when he sees the man walk in to a liquor store and come out with 2 bags. However, that all changes when he continues to follow him and sees what he does next, give food to other homeless people.

Would you give a homeless person $100 cash? Let us know what you think below.