How Does the Jeweled Cockroach Wasp Zombify Its Prey? It’s Like Something Out of a Horror Movie

If you’ve never seen a jeweled cockroach wasp in action, then you’re probably not aware of just how freaky nature can be.

In order to capture food for its offspring, this parasitic creature injects venom into a cockroach’s brain. By doing this, the cockroach doesn’t die, but instead becomes zombified and unable to escape.

After being led to the wasp’s burrow, a single egg is laid on the roach’s body.

When the egg hatches, the larvae will then eat its way through the host while it is still alive.

According to National Geographic:

“The whole thing takes about seven to eight days, during which the meat has to be fresh,” said study co-author and neurobiologist Frederic Libersat of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be’ér Sheva, Israel. “If you kill a cockroach, it rots within a day.”