How in the World Did Everyone in the Car Survive THIS Horrific Accident?

It was the harrowing story that made headlines around the world.

On January 12, 2012, a semi-truck driver high on methamphetamine smashed into Kelli Groves’ BMW and smashed her vehicle into a bridge over a ravine on California’s Highway 101. The 18-wheeler semi truck and the driver, Charles Allison Jr., went over the bridge and crashed 100-feet below. The driver died in the fiery wreck.

When tow-truck driver Brian Gomez approached the wreckage, he assumed that nobody survived. He was wrong.

Miraculously, Groves’ vehicle somehow clung onto the side of the bridge, and she was alive. If it would have landed anywhere else along the bridge, she would have surely plummeted to her death.

Her two little girls, 10-week old Mylo, and 10-year-old Sage, were riding in the backseat. They also survived the horrific accident.

In another twist of fate, it just so happened that Navy Seabees were on site to aid in the rescue. They had the perfect tool, a boom forklift arm, on hand to prevent Groves’ BMW from going over the edge, reported the Santa Maria Times. A crew of skilled firefighters located throughout the county were only 5-6 miles away from the scene, as well.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Despite the fact that the car looked like nothing more than a mangled scrap of metal, the worst injury sustained was a broken pelvis and scratches. Thanks to the baby car seat, Mylo slept through the entire event.

The family later settled a civil lawsuit for $1 million against the Arroyo Grande trucking company who driver caused the wreck.