How Many Girls Do You Think Are in This Photo? Two, Four or 13?

When Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari posted this photo on her Instagram account, thousands of people immediately began debating over how many girls were actually in the photo.

Originally meant to just be a part of an Instagram hashtag project, it became a viral sensation on the Internet.

So, how many girls are really in the photo? Two, four, or 13? Or better yet, where exactly is the mirror placed to create such an effect? Some people even believe that there are twins or triplets posing in the picture.

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After thousands of people liked, shared and commented on the photo, Vergari finally cleared things up for those still confused.

“One (thing is) sure. I have only two daughters,” she said.

Apparently, the photo features both of her daughters looking into mirrors. The girl one the far left is looking into a mirror that out of the frame, while her sister looks into another mirror.