How Often Do You Wash YOUR Sheets? Expert Reveals the Stomach-Churning Facts

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Most of us would probably admit to being a bit lazy with laundry every now and again… with such busy modern lives it’s easy to let things slide; in fact, a 2014 survey revealed that one in ten of us actually don’t change the bedsheets more than once a month. So, how often do you wash your sheets?

Did you know that not changing your bed linen frequently enough can have a negative impact on your health? A laundry expert has made it her mission to inform people of the disturbing truth about sleeping in dirty sheets.

Fabric care expert Mary Marlowe Leverette told ATTN:

“During sleep, we continue to perspire, and body oils and soil are released. It is possible to find saliva, urine, genital fluids, and fecal matter in the fibers. If the (sheets) are not washed regularly, and the occupant has scratches or wounds, they can be come infected. Athlete’s foot and other fungi can be transferred from fabrics.”

She also explained how unclean sheets can infect other parts of the bed: “Infrequent cleaning of sheets and pillowcases allows the fluids to seep into the pillows and mattresses, and those are much more difficult to clean than tossing sheets in the washer.”

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Mary says that everyone should change their bed linen once a week in order to prevent the bed from becoming an unhygienic and potentially unhealthy place. Sounds easy enough, but a YouGov survey from two years ago suggests that us Brits aren’t exactly squeaky clean when it comes to bed linen…

Over one-third of participants said they only changed them once every two weeks, while one in ten admitted to leaving it up to a month before stuffing their sheets in the washing machine. Half of the people polled also said that they only considered their sheets unhygienic if they hadn’t been washed for between two and three sheets.

How about weighted blankets? Since most of them are used on a regular basis, if not every night, it is inevitable that weighted blankets will need to be cleaned periodically as well.

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Clearly we need to do a bit of work when it comes to cleaning up in the bedroom!

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