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How One Man Won $13K Downloading Music

You don’t have to be a smart shopper to know that the best deals are online. However, I recently saw a deal that was, by far, the greatest offer in the history of time: You could make $13,000 just by downloading music.

God bless the Internet! First, they created online auctions so I could get cool stuff at huge discounts, and now I could win major cash for buying my favorite songs?!

Here’s the catch. You had to purchase the 25th billionth iTune in the Apple music store’s history. Since there was no way to tell which one was going to be #25,000,000,000, you’d have to keep buying songs like lottery tickets. With 15,000 songs downloaded every minute, if you downloaded a song every day, you’d have a 1-in-21,600,000 chance of winning. Hey, those odds are still pretty good — if you compare them to the odds of winning Powerball (1-in-a-whopping-175,000,000).

The lucky downloader was Phillip Lupke of Germany. For clicking at the right nanosecond, Phillip won a 10,000-Euro ($13,528) iTunes gift card. The song he downloaded? “Monkey Drums (Goksel Vancin Remix)” by Chase Buch. I know–the odds of you guessing that were about as astronomical as you winning that prize.

This wasn’t the first time Apple gave out prizes when they hit a milestone. When Alex Ostrovsky of Michigan downloaded the billionth song – Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound” – he won a 20-inch iMac, 10 fifth-generation iPods, a $10,000 gift card, and a scholarship at the Julliard School of Music set up in his name!

If you’re like me, you’re getting a little jealous hearing about this. But since I’m not particularly good at winning contests, I prefer to spend my time and money on online auctions. They offer a sense of excitement because you’re competing against someone else to win the auction item, and you can usually score really big discounts on major items.

The top site for penny auctions is Quibids. Every day people win big prizes there, like computers, TVs and other electronics, just for placing a small bid. (Quibids is considered a penny auction because you bid as low as one-cent on items.) For example, somebody recently won a Samsung 40-inch TV for putting down just $15.88!

How does the site work? Every time someone bids on an item, they pay a small fee of around 60 cents. Basically, the site makes money off the bids, allowing you to get your hands on high-priced luxury items at up to 95% off the retail price.

To learn more about penny auctions and how they work, check out our article on FTK. Or just visit Quibids directly to see how it works in action. While it might not be a $13K prize, winning on this site can make you feel like a million bucks.

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