How People Are Having Strokes from Getting Their Hair Washed at the Salon

For many people, especially women, a trip to the salon to get your hair done is a much-needed treat and a couple hours of relaxation.  Not many people are aware, however, that one certain part of the visit can be incredibly dangerous and even lead to them suffering from a stroke.

Apparently, the simple act of having your hair washed for you at a hair salon can actually cause a stroke.

According to Buzzfeed News, Elizabeth Smith knows this painful truth, first-hand. They reported that in January, 2014, the mother of two had a stroke that would change her life forever.

The cause is believed to have been a trip  to her local salon, where her hair was washed. It turns out that the specially-built shampoo chairs used by salons are dangerous because they can damage the arteries in the back of the neck.

These arteries can be cut or torn from the hyperextension required to lean the head back into the sink to rinse.

Frighteningly this risk, although many haven’t heard of it, is more common than you’d think. In the medical world, it’s actually called a “beauty parlor stroke.”

Smith’s symptoms occurred several days after her trip to the salon, and lead to her being unable to stand.

Now she has recovered physically, although it took months of rehabilitation, and she is suing the salon in the hopes of raising awareness for the risk.