How Skinny Jeans Left Woman Hospitalized – Could You Be at Risk Too?

An otherwise healthy 35-year-old woman was left hospitalized for days after she lost feeling in her legs. According to a study recently published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, the Australian woman experienced weakened ankles, nerve and muscle damage, and was left immobilized for hours because of her skinny jeans.

The unnamed patient reportedly spent the day in her skinny jeans while she helped relatives move. Her activities included a wide range of activities—such as squatting while clearing out closets, and carrying and lifting items.

Apparently her feet became numb as she walked home—causing her to fall. She spent hours on the ground unable to move before she was eventually discovered and taken to the hospital.

According to the report from her doctor, the only way they could remove her jeans was by cutting them off—her claves had become so swollen and constricted from lack of circulation.  Dr. Thomas Kimber described the jeans as being so tight that they had a tourniquet effect on the woman’s limbs.

Fortunately for the patient, she received aid just in time. Had she been left to suffer in the jeans for much longer, the compression and lack of circulation could have caused lasting and irreversible nerve damage.

The patient spent four days in the hospital receiving treatment before she could walk again.