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The Mysterious Power of Synchronicity – How It Changed Actor Anthony Hopkins’ Life & Can Change Yours Too

In 1973, award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins landed a role that was based on the book The Girl From Petrovka by author George Feifer. After he signed the contract, he decided to visit London to get a copy of the book.

He searched and searched, but couldn’t find it in any bookstore. After giving up, he went to wait in the Leicester Square underground station for a train home. At one point during his wait, he noticed a book abandoned on a nearby bench. Hopkins picked it up and was shocked to discover it was THE book!

Fast forward a couple years. He was on set making the film, when author George Feifer visited. During their conversation, Feifer admitted that he didn’t have a copy of his own book.

Furthermore, Feifer admitted he had lent his copy to a friend (one in which he had made many important notes in the margin). Suddenly, a light went off in Hopkin’s mind. He grabbed the copy he had found two years earlier.

“Is this the one?” he asked. Both men were shocked to discover that it was Feifer’s original copy.

What blew Hopkins’ mind was that in finding the book he could much better understand his character and the story as a whole. The author’s notes had made a massive difference.

This incident serves as one of the most amazing examples of synchronicity I’ve ever heard.

Synchronicity Defined & Why It’s Important

According to Webster’s Dictionary, it is “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality – used especially in the psychology of C.G Jung.”

In simpler terms, there may be reasons for nearly everything that happens — very few things are coincidental. These happenings are not usually explained by scientific means, but occur on a very deep level between human beings and their environment.

The idea is that if we keep our hearts, eyes, and ears open to what’s happening around us, unbelievably meaningful things can happen every single day.

(And FYI, these things are happening all the time, but we are so caught up in our crazy heads that we don’t usually notice.)

Tips for Spotting & Benefiting from Synchronicities

1. First and foremost keep your eyes and ears open. There are miracles happening every second. Keep your eyes off your cell phone, your mind out of silly dramas, and stay focused on the here and now.

Each and every day, we miss massive clues as to where we need to be and go next. Look for messages that will lead you to greater understanding.

2. Be thankful when synchronicities arrive. By nature the majority of us human beings take, take, and take — without giving an ounce of gratitude. We assume that everything should run smoothly, and when it doesn’t we crumble.

Take time to reflect on the gifts you are given each moment.

For example — on your way to work, you think of a long lost friend and miss their presence. And then… on your way home you get a call from him or her. After you hang up, recognize what has just happened and be joyful. Somehow, someway you were given a gift. Tattoo that gift within your soul and be thrilled about it.

Making the decision to be thankful — and acknowledging what happened — will open you up to more synchronicity in your world.

3. Periodically assess where you are and how you got there. Take time to think about your path. Notice what events have led you to the present moment.

If you’re happy, be thankful. If you’re unhappy, ask the universe to open new doors. Ask for the ability to see what you may be missing or to be open to what you’ve never considered.

Whatever you do, never buy into the idea that you are stuck forever in a situation. If you’re compromising who you are to achieve something, there is a better way.

Remember these famous words that have been echoed over the centuries? “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you ” (Matthew 7:7).

You don’t have to be religious to understand or apply this concept. Ask more, fear less.

Let actor Anthony Hopkins’ experience in synchronicity serve as an example of what can happen.

Keep your eyes open, look for the connections, and you will be led to where you need to be.

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