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How to Close a Bag with a Bottle Cap

From repairing damaged clothes to organizing your office, we’ve had some fun home hacks over the last couple days. This hack was sent to us from Facebook Daniel Elhers, who has his own YouTube Channel, and we think it’s pretty genius. It’s for any person who wants to store products in a bag but who doesn’t necessarily have a tie, rubber band, or zipper bag to keep it sealed.

The trick? How to close a bag with a bottle cap.

You may wonder why you’d need this, but it not only uses up old items (like a bottle and any strong plastic bag), but it also makes for a convenient storage solution. And if you’ve ever made a mess trying to pour loose or liquid contents from a bag in the past, this method makes the distribution of the stored stuff even easier. In the video above they have frozen veggies, but say you have leftover soup you want to freeze, or leftover glitter from an art project. By using the tip above, you can store the loose contents easily. Then, when it’s time to use the item again (or eat it), you actually have a convenient and neat method for pouring it out — through the plastic bottle cap opening.

Like most life hacks, it’s so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

Watch the short video and let us know what you think.

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