How to Compliment a Woman on Her Boobs in Public (VIDEO)

Here at First to Know, we appreciate a good prank from time to time. We especially appreciate the ones that make us laugh out loud.

To be honest, we’re kind of tired of seeing pranks that involve people getting scared to death, ones that are blatantly fake, racial, or those that¬†provoke others to¬†act out in violence.

Pranks should be keeping it lighthearted and be funny for all parties involved – what’s the point of a prank if no one’s laughing at the end of them? These YouTube set their sights on pranking people in public by giving random people “compliments,” and you’ll never guess what they ended up doing.

So, how do you compliment a woman on her boobs in public? You just have to watch and see.

We totally lost it at “yum yum bags.” Which one was your favorite?

Check out the YouTube video below for some good laughs: