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How to Cook An Egg Inside Out

We recently shared a video showing how to get scrambled hard boiled eggs. Now, we’ve got a spin on that method.

A new technique shows how to hardboil an egg inside out – where the yolk is on the outside and the whites are in the middle of the egg.

You can watch the video above or, follow the step-by-step method, complete with illustrations, below:

What You Need

An egg, clear tape, a flashlight, a pair of pantyhose and ice cubes.


  1. Check the color of your uncooked egg with a flashlight
  2. Put tape around the whole shell of the egg
  3. Wrap it in the middle a pair of pantyhouse
  4. Spin it around for a few minutes while holding the pantyhose on either end
  5. Use the flashlight to check the color again. It should be darker than in step one
  6. Take the egg out of the pantyhose and place it a water-filled pan with tape still on.
  7. Turn on the heat to boil the water and egg
  8. Once boiled, remove the egg and place it in a bowl of ice for a minute
  9. Now peel the shell, and you should now have an inside out egg.

If the whole thing is yellow, try it again but spin it for longer. The difference in spinning between this and the scrambled egg method is how long you spin the egg in the pantyhose. The inside-out egg requires a longer spinning time.

Check out the illustration method below.

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