How to Get a Beach Perfect Body in 8 Weeks

Before you know it, summer is going to be here and you are going to want to sport a hot body on your favorite beach. Just like any other great achievement, developing a strong and beautiful body won’t occur without hard work and dedication.

It’s an excellent idea to jump into action as soon as possible! The following tips will reveal how to get a beach body in eight weeks:

1. Stretch It Out and Breathe Deeply

Develop flexibility by giving a few yoga poses a try — or even invest in a yoga membership in your area. Stretching and deep breathing will help you send oxygen to your muscles and prime your body for weight loss and muscle growth.

2. Build a Cardio Base

Prime your cardiovascular system by engaging in regular cardio exercises (such as running, aerobics, cycling, and more) between three and five days a week for at least 20 minutes per session. Building a cardio base will help you burn fat, ramp up your metabolism, and look amazing in the sun.

3. Get a Workout Buddy

Team up with a buddy for regular cardio and strength-building sessions. Make a pact to keep each other accountable, create a workout schedule, and stick with it!

4. Burpees

Learn how to do burpees and perform between 3 and five sets a few times a week. There are few exercises in the galaxy that firm the body more.

5. Yoga Plank Crunches

Yoga plank crunches will help firm your belly, strengthen you back, and even add definition to your arms. Attempt between 10-15 repetitions and three reps per workout.

6. Develop a Meditation/Mindfulness Practice

Begin with five minutes of silence a day, accompanied by deep breathing through your nose. This can be done at any time during the day — some prefer in the morning when they wake up, others after a workout or before bedtime. A mindfulness practice will increase your focus, oxygenate your body, and improve your sleep.

7. Build a Healthy Digestive System

Improve your digestive system. No matter how hard you exercise or oxygenate your body, it’s imperative that you take care of your gut. Invest in a probiotic/prebiotic supplement to maintain healthy bacteria and aid digestion. ProbioSlim is an excellent and safe option.

8. Consider Supplements to Build Lean Muscle Mass

Women – Femme Factor uses green bean coffee extract to lower glucose levels, decrease fat absorption, and speed up metabolism.

Men – Force Factor uses a nitric oxide synthase enzyme to help burn fat and maximize lean muscle building.