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How to Get Better Breasts — Crazy ‘Oppai Taisou Hand’ Allegedly Does It

Wondering how to get better breasts? Wonder no more! In a long line of crazy body modification devices from Japan, we have now found the Oppai Taisou Hand!

Literally translated to “Boob Exercise Hand,” this plastic device is modeled after the hand of midwife, author and founder of the Wellness Life Institute, Takiko Shindo. After years of experience caring for breastfeeding mothers, she devised a series of breast exercises that she claims are “effective in enhancing bust size and shape, improving conditions of stiff shoulders, menopause, menstrual cramps, and even has skin beautifying and anti-aging effects.”

The video below explains the technique. Unfortunately, we don’t speak Japanese, but the website RocketNews24 breaks it down like this:

Shindo explains that a woman’s breasts are strung up by ligaments, and if these ligaments don’t get sufficient movement, the fats in the breast will start to settle back against the chest muscles, resulting in unshapely, or even sagging boobies.

Oppai Hagashi supposedly detaches the breast ligaments from the chest muscles and directs the fats back to where they belong, restoring shape, while Oppai Yurashi resets the tension in the ligaments holding up the breasts, thus regaining elasticity and perkiness. The massage also improves blood circulation, which promotes healthier, beautifully shaped breasts.

While this all sounds painful, the model has been massaged by Shindo’s “godly hands,” and claims it doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, she says there were immediate results after a few minutes of exercise.

Sadly, it can’t be found on, though you can buy it through Amazon Japan for 3,066 yen (approximately US$26). On the upside, you can find an Oppai Taisou Night Bra — another product from Takiko Shindo — which can do all of the following things. Copy is taken directly from the product page, which is why the English is a little dicey. 

  • Do not stop the circulation; the breast soft and fluffy on the next morning
  • Takiko Shindo teacher “OPPAI TAISOU Night Bra”
  • Wide power net compensate for the only under and side bust.
  • Keep a bust at the right position even if it works.
  • Point of the flow that the valley part of side bottom and the chest is important for a woman.
  • Ideal that there is no seam or counterattack that part.
  • Meat of the back also tightens much as it is to the function of “OPPAI TAISOU Bra”, and us to the body silhouette attractive just to wear it is an appearance to camisole.

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