GIFT GUIDE: What to Get Your Gassy Friend Who Never Stops Farting

Hey, gas happens. It’s a natural function of the human body.

However, some people seem to suffer from the issue more than others. Whether it’s a food intolerance thing, a lifestyle issue or the handful of other things that can lead to the digestive problem, we all seem to have those few friends who are always a little gassier than the rest.

And while most people tend to be polite and mindful about, well, holding it in, there’s always that one friend who just doesn’t care. He’s got gas, he’s uncomfortable and he will let it rip. You can’t really blame him, but you also can’t help but be bothered by the offensive odors you’ve been subjected to.

So what do you do? Chances are you’ve probably already chided your friend in hopes he’ll stop with the constant farting, but if it’s still an issue, why not use the holiday as a chance to help him out?

Hear us out: From pills that lend gas odors a pleasant scent to underwear that neutralize the smell completely to OTC medicine and more, there are a butt-load (pun intended) of ways to treat and relieve the problems associated of excessive gas.

So this year, throw some of these products in your shopping cart and gift away to your gassiest of friends.

You can thank us later. Check ’em out above.