Here’s How You Know Whether Someone’s Attracted to You or Not

The only thing harder than astrophysics is figuring out whether someone likes you or not. Body language is a great way to tell if a person’s into you, but if you don’t know the signs to look out for, how are you supposed to know? Read on to find out exactly what you should be watching out for!

Eye Contact 


This one’s a given really. You know what they say, your eyes are the windows to your soul, so if your crush has theirs wide open and staring over at you, the best thing you can so for yourself is to stare right back. Just try not to be creepy about it. A three second stare is enough to show someone you’re into them.

It’s All In The Pupils


Now you’ve got the awkwardness of eye contact sorted, you can move on to the next step in figuring out where your secret crush has a thing for you. Look into their eyes and check whether their pupils dilate. Pupils dilate for a number of reasons, including changes in lighting, fear and attraction. Good luck trying to figure this one out if your crush has dark brown eyes…

Pitch Perfect Match


If you’re too freaked out by the thought of having to stare at someone in the eye, you can opt for listening to changes in their voice instead. Women tend to go all high-pitched when they like someone, almost like an evolution of bird squawking or something, whereas men soften their voices, speak slower and more gently. That basically sums up relationships on the whole!

Move In Closer

We know Cara Delevingne is a lesbian and therefore things are never going to do go down for this good looking dude, but if your crush moves in closer to you, it’s a surefire sign they’re interested in, erm… getting closer to you.


Anything To Catch Your Attention 


If someone appears to be doing everything in their power to catch your eye, they probably want you to pay them a bit of attention. Girls will usually do this by playing with their hair and making silly sexy poses. Guys tend to go all pigeons chested and boast about their life accomplishments. So the next time he starts bragging about his car, he’s not being vain, it’s just as a sign that he’s seriously into you, or his car…

Any Excuse To Cop A Feel 


As the whole sweeping hair back / pigeon chesting thing goes to extremes, you might notice a serious amount out random touching for no particular reason. So the next time someone aggressively slaps you across the back, consider it a sigh of affection!

Seriously Awkward 


It might just look like they’re a bit special, but watch out for stuttering, neurotic laughter, uncontrollable sweat and fidgeting, which are all signs that your date is totally freaking out about how awesome you are.

Green With Envy


This one applies to men and women alike, who equally turn into the green eyed monster at the thought of some randomer getting in the way of a potential romance. The lesson here folks in not to make your crush jealous, but to get jealous at anyone who dares to cross your crush’s path.

Compliments, Lots Of Compliments!


So he’s told you that your dress is nice, but so is your perfume, your new hair cut, your crusty week-old nail varnish, your black Bic pen and that random tea stain on your desk too. Compliments are a sure sign that someone has a serious crush on you… The next time your crush is walking down the hallway, compliment them on something they’re wearing for maximum flirtation points.