WATCH: DIY – How to Make a Gift Bow with Ribbon

We’ve always wanted to be a good gift wrapper. Over the years we figure out to fold the edge of the wrapping paper so that it covers the jagged edges (never was good with cutting a straight line in school), but no matter how hard we try, the bows end up looking like they got into a fistfight — with our own fists.

Enter Daniel Ehlers, who has created another DIY / Life Hack that not only makes life easier, but it teaches us how to make a gift bow with ribbon that is so cute, you’d expect to find it on professionally wrapped gifts.

The lesson is super simple, and takes under a minute to learn. We suggest getting some scrap ribbon that you don’t care about, so you can work the movements until you’re comfortable with them. At that point, bust out the good wrapping supplies and give it a go. Not only will you be thrilled by your new-found talent, but your friends and family will love getting a gift with your beautiful bows.

Check it out in the player above.

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