WATCH: Who Knew You Could Do This With an Apple?

This happens to be one of the coolest tutorials we’ve seen in a long time — and we’ve seen a LOT of them. All you need is a trusty knife, two silver knives, and a bit of concentration to wow others with your apple designing skills.

Above is a quick 1-minute video on how to do it, while below we’ve posted a longer tutorial if you want a little more explanation.

Watch, learn, and give it a try! (To find out what the video is about, scroll down…)

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Keep scrolling just a bit more…

Okay here’s the SPOILER: This tutorial has become our most popular on First to Know, so we’re giving it new exposure. It’s shows how to how to make an apple swan, and it’s so interesting — and surprisingly easy — that you’ll not only impress your friends when you put one together, you may even impress yourself.

It comes from The King of Random, and they have a ton of great tutorials. Some are more difficult than others, which is why we often look for videos we think the average First to Know reader will both enjoy, and perhaps try to make on her own at some point. Watch the video above, then check out some of these other great videos we’ve found online.

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