How to Make Halloween Tangerine Pumpkins

Jack-o-Lanterns are super cool, but almost every house has one of those on display. And unless you’re a super Jack-o-Lantern sculptor, it’s tough to make your glowing decoration stand out… unless you create a tiny army of them.

That’s the thought we had when we saw Daniel Ehlers’ video on how to make Halloween Tangerine Pumpkins. This takes the life hack video for turning an orange into a candle, and puts a Halloween grin on it. And while most of Daniel Ehlers videos are fun projects kids can do on their own, this one involves a knife and fire so adult supervision is a definite must.

All you need are some tangerines, a good pairing knife, a spoon, some olive oil and a match / lighter. In the video above, Ehlers uses the same pairing knife to create the face, but if you have a good art / utility knife (like an X-ACTO) it may give you better control when designing yours. Check it out and have a fun time!

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