How to Make Simple Paper Butterflies – for Free!

There are few things as charming as walking into a birthday party or child’s room and seeing handmade decorations bringing colorful life to the space. Spring is a particularly great time for this, because the season allows you to decorate space with blooming flowers, bouncing bunnies, and beautiful fluttering butterflies.

The only depressing part? Some of us don’t have the creative genes necessary to take on an art project like this. We’re more likely to give kids nightmares rather than bursts of joy. And while store-bought decorations are great, the ones made from scratch just look and feel a little more special.

That’s why we were really excited to discover this video from Daniel Ehlers. You may remember his past life hack videos on FTK: How to Unlock a Shopping Cart without a Coin, or How to Use Chopsticks or How to Close a Bag with a Bottle Cap — both of which have been very popular with readers.

Now he teaches us how to make simple paper butterflies using the colorful swatches / paint chips from a hardware store, and he’s made it so easy even we could manage a success. Just grab a mix of colors that you think are beautiful, or which fit the theme of your room, and get to work. It’s super simple, fast, and we think they look amazing.

Learn how to make simple paper butterflies in the video above.