How to Make Small Bedrooms Look Larger

Let’s face it, real estate comes at a premium these days. Like lots of people, you might be making do with a little less square footage in your home than you’d like. The good news is, by making the most of some savvy design techniques, you can ensure that even the smallest of rooms looks and feels great. If you have a small bedroom, read on for tips on how to make it seem more spacious.

Choose space saving furniture
First and foremost, make sure you select the perfect furnishings for this part of your property. There are a plethora of products to choose from, meaning you will never be stuck for options. A compact sofa bed can make a great addition to a bijou bedroom. When no one’s sleeping on it, the product can serve as an attractive seating solution with some vibrant cushions. Then, whenever it’s needed, it can be extended to create a comfy sleeping platform for guests.

Another multi-functional piece of furniture that’s well worth considering is an Ottoman. These products can look superb tucked under windows and, as well as offering a place to sit, they can be used to store bedding or towels.

Meanwhile, to save floor space, full height storage solutions are a must. Tall shelves, wardrobes and cupboards can help you to keep clutter to a minimum and they leave you with extra room to manoeuvre. Under-desk storage boxes also work well in these spaces.

Make the most of mirrors
Mirrors can play an important role in making small bedrooms seem larger too. These reflective objects help to give spaces a lighter, more spacious feel. They also create the illusion that there is more square footage on offer. For the best results, make sure you select sizeable mirrors.

Opt for light, bright decor
On a similar theme, make sure you opt for a bright and airy colour scheme. Creams, soft browns, yellows, pale greens and blues and a host of other understated hues can work perfectly in small bedrooms. Unlike dark or bold shades, which can dominate spaces and give them an oppressive, claustrophobic feel, light colours help to open rooms up.

Make sure you embrace natural light too. You can layer sheer window dressings with blockout curtains and blinds to provide you with total control over the level of light and privacy on offer in this space.

Designing a small bedroom will always be a challenge. You will have to think creatively and problem solve in order to achieve the best results. However, by following tips like these and by using a little imagination, you should be able to get the look you’re after – and you will end up with a room that’s both practical and pretty.

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