VIDEO: How to Peel Garlic Without Even Touching It

Here’s some kitchen advice that we think everyone can benefit from. Well, maybe except those people who love having the tips of their finger reek of garlic.

Here in the office, we absolutely love garlic, but we never look forward to having to deal with the smell of it on our hands after cooking. Sometimes, it can last up to three days. Nobody has time for that!

We never even knew this method for peeling garlic existed. How could we have been out of the loop for so damn long?

Thanks to a video created by Dave Hax, you can peel as much garlic as you desire without even touching it.

All you have to do is put a bulb of garlic in to a glass jar, shake it vigorously and voila!

We’ll definitely be giving this trick a try as soon as a recipe calls for garlic.