How to Recharge Your Smartphone with a Potato

There are a multitude of popular myths out there about how to quickly get a charge on your smartphone. For instance last year there was a prank going around encouraging smartphone users to place their phone in the microwave to charge it in just a few seconds. Obviously that one was a huge fake. In fact, most of these have been thoroughly debunked by science.

One method however is intriguing—and it just might work! The method? A simple potato.

It turns out it might be possible to recharge your smartphone with a potato. Here in a tutorial by EhlersTV, we’re shown how to build a potato battery than can actually recharge your smartphone.

The potato battery might sound like your fourth-grade science project but if the video is anything to go by, this trick actually works!

The simple potato actually offers a viable resource to remote areas that do not have access to electrical grids, according to a report by Wonderful Engineering.

The potato is not a source of power, however it acts as a salt bridge that provides an electron current between two metal poles. In this way, it is a conduit of electricity.

Naturally, if you’re curious to try this we can’t guarantee that it will work for a full recharge, but people have reported some varying levels of success getting a boost of power to their gadgets.

We in no way will assume responsibility for your equipment or any damage that may ensue, so proceed at your own risk.

However if you’re of a science mind and have a phone you don’t mind experimenting with, why not give it a try?