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How to Save on Your Heating Costs This Coming Winter

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Halfway through April 2020 and living in these pandemic stricken times, uncertainty is looming over your head and you may be wondering how to cut down on your living expenses. The truth is that the world has never witnessed such a time before and it is not known how long it will take to revert back to what humanity once knew as normality – the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Think of this as a break – a chance to self-reflect and to plan for your future. Given the recession that has hit the global economy, it is never too early to sit back and think of how to save some extra quid this year. To help you get started, here are some ways you can employ this coming winter to save on your heating costs:  

Invest in Underfloor Insulation

The United Kingdom is a country that has been developing for hundreds of years and it is highly probable that you live in an older property. If you do, then you also may have suspended floors. Wondering why this is being mentioned? The reason is that heat is releasing from your floor more, so go ahead and feel free to explore the concept of underfloor insulation. All you have to do is insert an insulating layer with fibreboard or polyfoam below your floor covering or carpet. Got a hatch beneath those precious floorboards? If yes, you can install it yourself and save your hard-earned money.

If you are dwelling in a recently built apartment, house or building, then you are probably enjoying polystyrene insulation which lies a mere few inches beneath the surface of your concrete floor.

Shut Your Doors

A relatively simple yet effective method to cut down on heating expenses is to ensure that your doors remain shut.

Got playful children who keep running in and out of the house and forget to do just that? Just sit them down and explain the importance of closing doors and how it will keep the heat in and stop cool air from dispersing into other rooms (including their own!).

Get High-quality Heating Oil for Your Boiler

If you use a boiler, are you aware of which class of heating oil you are utilizing in your boiler? It is imperative that you identify the oil type and learn of its efficacy rate.

Did you know that, generally, there are two broad categories of heating oil available for boilers? These come under the umbrellas of gas oil and kerosene. The latter has fans as it is considered a lighter and cleaner fuel. There are no crystals formed to hinder the oil’s flow. Another variable to consider is to invest in a premium class of kerosene oil that contains additives that permit it to burn more productively. Sure, it will be an extra twenty to thirty pounds more for every five hundred liters – but will prove to be worth every penny in the long run as you see those heating invoices showing declining pound numbers! Do note that you also have the option to go and procure additives by yourself. It will cost you about fifteen pounds to obtain a thousand liters.

With four million homes in the United Kingdom existing on oil boilers, it is no surprise that they are not connected to the national gas network with the residents having to dish out high energy bills.  

Get a brand new boiler

Mate, if your boiler is more than a decade old, time to hit the boiler markets and invest in a new one.

Despite the emotional sentiments you may have attached to your current boiler, the time to let it go has come. Make sure you do your research before you start visiting retailers (online for now!). There are plenty of links you can check online, click here to learn more. You will be happy to discover that the most recent boiler models are highly energy-efficient as compared to the older ones. Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Can you hear the pennies building up over time in your bank account as your heat energy bills come down? We sure can!

Layer, layer and layer up

Okay, nothing beats bundling yourself up in your coziest, warmest pair of pajamas and blanket with a hot cup of tea and your favorite book. Not only will you relish your reading time and lose yourself in the fantasy of the story, but you will also save up on your heating bills. Why not combine these two favorites?

Decrease your temperatures

Whenever you turn on your thermostatic radiator valve, begin at a low heat and switch it up as your room starts to heat up. Please keep in mind that the time element here depends on how strong your boiler is.

Cuddle up with a warm bottle of water

Hot bottles of water are not only superb in alleviating physical aches but can warm you up too! The next time you make a cup of tea or coffee, fill up your bottle. This method will avoid you going twice to the kitchen to fill your kettle and waste extra time in boiling water. Keep the bottle close to you and there will be no need to increase the heating in the boiler nor to spend extra money on an electric blanket.

Switch up your heating company

Are you familiar with the current heating energy offers that companies are putting out right now? Keep a vigilant eye out on such marketing opportunities to see how you can take your savings up a notch. You never know when you’ll find the right deal that will allow you to save hundreds of pounds every year.

Cook it up!

Whether you make a lasagne, a Shephard’s pie or your favorite soup, cooking will emit some much-needed heat in your house and keep you warm as well as you will be moving around.

Do apply some of these tips to see what works for you this winter. Right now, enjoy the sunshine from your homes and let’s pray for the world to heal soon!

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